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Accessories are a great way to spruce up your wardrobe . A pocket square , tie bar , grosgrain watch bands and cuff links ! Not just any cufflinks custom designed cuff links made with your personality in mind. Baltimore based J. Ciro designs is a newcomer into the world of menswear . Producer of lovely affordable jewelry designed to add a pop of eye catching color to your french cuffed shirts. J. Ciro designs was created by New Jersey native Joseph(Joe)  Cirincione who became inspired while looking for gifts for his wedding party. Here's more from Joe.....

DC King: So how long have you been making cufflinks ?

JC:  I have been making cuff links for roughly a year and a half. I was initially inspired to start designing cuff links while I was looking for groomsmen gifts for my wedding. As I was shopping around, I realized how many different designs there were and became intrigued in the idea of making one of my own. The day before my wedding, I gave my two best men, my four groomsmen, my two grandfathers, the father of the bride, and my father all a pair of custom made cuff links. It was a really cool way to show off my creativity. I also made a special pair of grey / blue cuff links that I made for myself to match my vest and tuxedo. Since then, I have enjoyed taking the ideas further and hope to grow the business more each day.

DC King: What inspires your design ?

JC:I have experimented with a few different designs; however, the current line that I have been making is one of which that I can really be proud. I was inspired to create this design after seeing the potential in matching the high quality silks of ties or vests with a unique set of cuff links. These cuff links allow the individual to match almost anything. In addition, along with the idea of presenting beautiful silk within the cuff link, I am also expanding this to sentimental fabrics. For example, the vest that I wore on my wedding day. I would love to have a swatch of that fabric housed in a pair of cuff links to keep forever. The sentiment behind this idea is to have a piece of life stored in a set of cuff links forever.

DC King: How would you describe your cufflinks three words?

JC: Quality. Class. Unique.

DC King: Who's wearing your product ?

JC: As of right now, my family and friends are wearing my cuff links. The line is fairly new and I am hoping to expand rather quickly to additional markets within Maryland and the Tri-State area.

DC King:What can we expect to see from your brand in the near future ?

JC: You can expect to see more creativity and further enhancements on the current line. In addition, you can expect my brand to be marketed and promoted in several different ways within the next year or so. The cuff links I create and the brand that I represent is still fairly new. It's growing and I am very excited about it.

DC King: Where can we find your product ?

JC : Currently, you will see J.Ciro Cuff Links alongside some of the Christopher Schafer Clothier events ( as well as their studio). You can also find my products on Facebook at the following link:

Also, you can contact me directly at