CSC Launches Online Store

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Christopher Schafer Clothier Launches Online Store

Baltimore, MD - October 13th 2015 - Christopher Schafer Clothier today announced the launch of their online store at, which for the first time in the company’s history will make their handmade silk ties, bow ties, pocket squares and accessories available for purchase over the Internet. 

In celebration of Christopher Schafer’s 5th anniversary as Baltimore’s leading clothier, free shipping will be offered on all orders placed on the website through the end of October 2015, and a special 20% off anniversary sale will be taking place from Tuesday, October 13th through Sunday, October 18th.

“Because of the high level of demand we’ve experienced for our handmade silk ties, we’re taking the next step, which is making them available for order online,” Christopher Schafer says. Since these ties and bow ties are made in very limited runs, the online store is “a great way for more customers to see the variety that we actually have in stock at a given time.” 

“I’m really excited about the launch of this online store because it's the next chapter in the evolution of the CSC label,” Schafer says. He’s also excited about the ties themselves, because they are of such high quality: “What makes our ties unique is that they’re individually handmade, self-tipped, self-looped and self-backed, which means that you can feel the quality in your hands.” 

Goals for the online store include a wider customer base and more convenience for existing customers, Schafer says: “I think the online store will be an amazing tool to help us to find a much broader audience. Fashion lovers will no longer need to come all the way to our Baltimore flagship studio in order to peruse a large selection of ties, bow ties, pocket squares and our signature and very popular flower lapel pins."

Customers who wish to take advantage of the 20% off sale may enter the promo code “CSC5YRS” during checkout at


For further information, please contact:

Christopher Schafer