Suits & Tuxedos

We all know that the bride is the star of the wedding. But what about the co-star and the supporting cast?

The groom, groomsmen, and fathers of the bride & groom all need to look sharp on the big day too. This makes for a fantastic opportunity to get a great new tailored suit or tuxedo that will fit like a glove and be yours to keep. Whether it's something formal, outlandish or somewhere in between, the wedding party will be ready for all the photos that will be taken on the wedding day.               

At Christopher Schafer Clothier we make custom suits, shirts, tuxedos, casual wear and ties to fit your wedding vision. We pay close attention to the details of proportion and sizing, all of which will help the wedding party look their absolute best. You will be amazed at the variety of choices you'll have for fabric and detailing options to create a look that evokes your style and personality.

As you are making the big decisions about the venue, DJ, photographer, menu and wedding dress, please don't forget about the co-star and the supporting cast.