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Founded in 1786 by Benjamin Woolfield, Deakin & Francis have over 230 years of heritage and as England’s oldest manufacturing jewellers, the Deakin & Francis factory remains in the same building today as it began in; the same building that once housed the legendary James Watt, father of the Industrial Revolution.

For seven generations, since 1786, Deakin & Francis are immensely proud to be able to continue to build on the heritage, brand and family values that have been created over the past two centuries.
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Deakin & Francis Yellow & Royal Blue Cufflinks

Sterling Silver Bright Yellow & Royal Blue Enamel Cufflinks Here at Deakin & Francis we are masters in the art of vitreous...


Deakin & Francis Summer Haze Cufflinks

Sterling Silver Summer Haze Enamel Cufflinks In Olive Green Capturing the hazy skies of the beautiful British summer and the crashing waves...


Deakin & Francis Pink Enamel Cufflinks

Sterling Silver Pink Enamel Cufflinks With Blue Patterened Border Fancy, elegant and colourful. This pair of stylish cufflinks will be certain to...


Deakin & Francis Royal Blue & Maroon Cufflinks

Sterling Silver Royal Blue & Maroon Red Fancy Pattern Enamel Cufflinks Here at Deakin & Francis we are masters in the art...


Deakin & Francis Red Racing Car Cufflinks

Sterling Silver Red Racing Car Cufflinks Drive your style to victory! As featured in The Sunday Times Style guide, these top selling...


Deakin & Francis World Cufflinks

Sterling Silver Enamel World Cufflinks These sterling silver cufflinks feature a beautiful hand-enamelled world design – a subtle twist on a classic...


Deakin & Francis Teal Guitar Cufflinks

Here at Deakin & Francis we are masters in the art of vitreous enamelling, dating back to the Pharaohs, this is a...

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